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Assist has been specifically designed to fill the need of Companies and Banks to get a clear picture of the issues being faced when in difficulties. It focuses on finding out the extent of the issues, what can be done about them, and, if necessary, doing the hands-on change management that results.

Is it for me?
It targets businesses:

  • with turnover of £2m to £20m
  • with critical management, financial and/or operational performance issues
  • where replacement of existing senior management is not necessary, and/or not possible
  • whose ongoing financial viability is questionable without the support of quality turnaround professionals.

How does it work?
The key features of Assist include:

  • Access to proven, accredited turnaround professionals on an affordable basis
  • An initial “no obligation” meeting with you
  • A fixed fee assessment and action plan
  • Introducing a constructive communications process between the Company and its Bank (if not already in place).

...and then if relevant

  • A turnaround process controlled and managed by Hertford Partners in collaboration with existing management

What does it cover?
Assist looks at all the critical points in your business, not just your finances. These may include strategy and ability to implement it, manufacturing or operations, sales and marketing activities, working capital control, bank facility suitability, and organisation.

What is the output?
We don’t produce a long report that will sit on your shelf - our aim is to give you a concise and to-the-point summary report that we take you through personally. It’s also common to share this with your bank or backers.

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